ARB™ S7000 Pattern Former

The Intralox ARB™ S7000 Pattern Former gently turns and lanes cases at rates over 200 cases per minute. The Intralox patented Activated Roller Belt (ARB™) technology provides the ultimate in flexibility for creating customized pallet layers of varied products, at the highest rates, with no change-over between products. Product damage is virtually eliminated by the touchless turning and diverting the ARB utilizes without the use of rails or other devices that touch the product.

The ARB™ S7000 Pattern Former quickly and accurately moves products from the stream into an infinite number of arrangements. The ability to change case orientation and pallet patterns on the fly without stopping comes with a touch of a button.

The S7000 Series family includes the S7000 Case Turner and S7000 Laner and both feature the Intralox ARB™ technology for fast, reliable, touchless product handling.


Features and Benefits
  • Handles a wide variety of product sizes and types
    (cases, tray packs, 2-liter shells, litho-packs, bundles, pouches, polybags, shrink-wrapped packages)
  • High-speed palletizing to meet higher throughput rates
    (225 packages per minute / 10 layers per minute)
  • Double the throughput of a robot cell within a small area
  • Ability to change case orientation and pallet patterns on the fly
  • Creating complex pallet layers or rows of mixed package types and sizes
  • No mechanical change-over adjustments
  • Decrease product damage with the no-touch system
  • Improved safety with less moving parts
  • Maximize floor space with small footprint
  • Easy retrofit of existing application