ARB™ S7000 Switch

A low to mid-speed switch employing Intralox’s patented Activated Roller Belt (ARB™), a modular plastic belt with embedded rollers which are spaced 2” apart and extend above and below the surface of the belt. Cases are diverted by actuating a carry-way that causes the angled roller in the belt to spin, sending the case down a specific line.


Angled Roller Belt Switch is well suited for:
  • Wide or heavy duty applications where horizontal slat switches are being considered.
  • Drop-in replacement of old or problematic slat switches.
  • Applications that are near workers – does not require perimeter safety devices.
  • Wash – down environments (stainless steel).
  • Multi-sized package flow.
  • Small, light articles such as CD/DVD cases.
  • Heavy articles, up to 75 lb/sq.ft.
  • Fragile or delicate articles, such as glass.
  • Articles with grab-points, such as strapped newspaper bundles.
  • Articles that are sensitive to contamination – does not require oil or grease.


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ARB Switch Picture
ARB Switch Picture
ARB™ S7000 Switch Animation