ArrowSelect® Series Mat Top Conveyors

Quick Ship Conveyors

The ArrowSelect Series Mat Top Quick Ship Conveyor offers companies the delivery of quality equipment at a competitive price. Arrowhead Conveyor provides these benefits with the ArrowSelect line of modular Table Top and Mat Top conveyors. Lead times are compressed to days instead of weeks. Modular design gives customers the flexibility to adapt the systems quickly. ArrowSelect Mat Top Conveyors offer flexibility with a wide range of chain widths, options, and accessories to allow customers to satisfy most layouts or handling requirement. ArrowSelect Mat Top Conveyors are available in either painted mild steel or stainless steel construction.


Features and Benefits
  • Quick delivery: by maintaining standard components.
  • Optimum quality: finished components manufactured to exact tolerances and inspected to ensure immediate response to customer's needs.
  • Maximum value: manufactured along with our other product lines offers a large purchasing volume and efficiencies of scale to provide savings that can be passed on to you.
  • Heavy-duty construction: available in either stainless steel or painted mild steel .
  • Full array of complimentary accessories: guide rails, brackets (adjustable only), supports (pedestal and angle "H" style) and transfer aids
    (roller dead plates, stainless steel dead plates and side transfer plates), drive end, idle end and incline/decline modules.
ArrowSelect Mat Top ISO
Graphic of Arrowhead Conveyor Corporation ArrowAdvance Mat Top ISO
ArrowSelect Mat Top Cross Section
Graphic of Arrowhead Conveyor Corporation ArrowAdvance Mat Top Quick Ship Cross Section
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