Patented Bottle Stabilization Head

Reverse-taper wine bottles and other top-heavy containers pose challenges during the palletizing and depalletizing process. Their top-heavy, curvaceous shape are prone to tipping and shifting position. Our patented bottle stabilization technology virtually eliminates these issues. A pin matrix lowers over a group of bottles. The free floating pins fill the spaces between the bottles to support each container’s neck and shoulders to prevent shifting. The system then moves the group of bottles to the desired location, such as a conveyor or a pallet.

Features & Benefits

  • Accommodate a wide array of bottle shapes or row patterns without modifying the pin matrix.
  • Engage or disengage the pin matrix as needed. A locking mechanism securely holds the pin matrix in the elevated position.
  • Rely on quality and performance. Pins are designed with rounded ends of UHMW material to prevent them from damaging bottles, and the pins’ sturdy construction supports the bottle’s weight when transferring it to the desired location.
  • Add the pin matrix to a new palletizer or depalletizer, or retrofit it to your existing equipment.


Patented Bottle Stabilization Head
Picture of Busse/SJI Corporation Turbo High Level Bulk Depalletizer