BusseWorldFLEX High Level Bulk Palletizer

Busse/SJI - the original inventors of Palletizers - introduces the all new from the ground up BusseWorldFLEX High Level Bulk Palletizer.

This machine has been designed to meet the demands of the global markets and incorporates international component specifications.

  • Support for multiple or dedicated pallet sizes.
  • Handles multiple dunnage types - including metal top frames.
  • User-friendly controls.
  • Improved product change over for more production uptime.
  • Metric and ISO components throughout.
  • Control packages and components can be customized to meet specific requirements.

The BusseWorldFLEX High Level Bulk Palletizer is the by-product of over 60 years of Busse/SJI palletizing experience. The BusseWorldFLEX continues the Busse/SJI tradition of durable, reliable equipment that performs to the highest standards in the industry.

BusseWorldFLEX™ High Level Bulk Palletizer Video
Standard Parameters
Sweeps Per Minute Up to 10
Maximum Load Height 3000 mm
Maximum Load Weight 400 kg
Pallet Conveyor Height 405 mm
Infeed Conveyor Height 4620 mm
Electrical Power 230 - 575V / 50/60 Hz
Control Voltage 24 VDC
USA Pallet 44" x 56" (1118 mm x 1422 mm)
German Pallet 1180 mm x 1250 mm
Swedish Pallet 1200 mm x 1350 mm
Spanish Pallet 1120 mm x 1420 mm
U.K. Pallet 1120 mm x 1300 mm
European Pallet 1118 mm x 1422 mm
South East Asia Pallet 1000 mm x 1200 mm

Pallet Height Range 100 mm to 175 mm