PalMag Pallet Magazine

Flexible & Versatile - The Priority One, a division of Busse/SJI, PalMag Pallet Magazine features a unique design to accommodate a broad range of pallet sizes and styles. The system is universally applicable as both a pallet dispenser for palletizing operations, or an empty pallet stacker in depalletizing applications. The PalMag comprises of a gear motor lift and pneumatic grip motions, fully adjustable for a wide range of pallet sizes. The system is supplied complete with a separate operator control panel for local control of manual/auto operation.

Included in the product range are:

  • High and low level palletizers.
  • Small footprint palletizers.
  • Multi line (shuttle & rotary) palletizers.
  • Pail palletizers.
  • Bulk palletizers.
  • Pallet conveyor systems.
  • Full load stackers.
  • Line integration.

Solid construction

  • Pneumatic grip motions.
  • 2 ½ inch cam followers and 80 chain supports pallets.
  • Heavy duty ¼ inch steel plate construction for continued reliable use.
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Picture of Priority One Pallet Magazine
Picture of Priority One Pallet Magazine