Viper Series High Level Bulk Palletizer

Busse/SJI, the leader in container handling technology for over 60 years, proudly presents the Viper Series Bulk Palletizer. The Viper is a high speed automatic palletizer with high level infeed that can deliver container loads of up to 10 sweeps per minute.

Viper Series Bulk Palletizers feature the Pattern-Rite System, a patented technology from Busse/SJI, that allows high speed void free container layer patterning.

The Viper Series high performance sweep is a variable speed frequency controlled drive for smooth layer transfer, with four-side layer containment that handles unstable containers.

Slide-By #1 Stagger assures repeatable pattern for layers with uneven row counts. A simple pick-up mechanism travels with the sweep for gentle placement of the odd row containers in the correct location at the pattern forming pins.

The top frame pallet carriage places the top frame and also squares a new pallet in the hoist for the next load at the same time, thus reducing pallet change cycle time by 40%. This automatic top frame placement in the hoist stabilizes the load.

The two stage sheet feeder, positions and separates sheets for accurate placement, without the need for special bins and robotic servo mechanisms.

Developed with customers in mind who require flexibility and automation, the Viper Series Bulk Palletizer has what it takes to move containers efficiently and effectively.

Whether your business requires the handling of glass, PET or cans, Busse/SJI had the correct machine for your application.



  • High performance sweep
  • Pattern Rite void free patterning system
  • 4000 cans per minute capability
  • Slide-By #1 Stagger
  • Layer sheet placement
  • Top frame staging
  • Top frame placement in the hoist
  • Two stage sheet placement
  • Top pallet insertion
Viper Series™ High Level Bulk Palletizer Video
Features Models
V3003 V3004 V4003 V4004 V5003 V5004
Semi-Automatic Sweep Functions
Automatic Sweep Function S S S S S S
Manual Sheet Placement
Automatic Single-Stage Sheet Placement S S
Automatic Dual-Stage Sheet Placement S S S S
Manual Top Frame Placement
Automatic Single-Stage Top Frame Placement S S
Automatic Dual-Stage Top Frame Placement S S S S
Self Patterning
Automatic Void-Free Patterning S S S S S S
Semi-Automatic Pallet Change Cycle
Automatic Pallet Change Cycle S S S S S S
Bottom Pallet Injection
Bottom Pallet Injection - High Speed S S S S
Top Pallet Injection S S
Touch Screen Monochrome Operator Interface S S S S S S
Touch Screen Color Operator Interface O O O O O O
Additional Dunnage Capacity O O O O
Pallet Conveying O O O O O O
Container Conveying O O O O O O
  • S = Standard
  • O = Optional
  • • = Not Available
Containers Models
V3003 V3004 V4003 V4004 V5003 V5004
Glass Round S S
Glass Non-Round O O
Metal Round S S
Metal Non-Round O O
Plastic Round S S
Plastic Non-Round O O
Composite Round S S
Composite Non-Round O O
  • S = Standard
  • O = Optional
  • • = Not Available
Standard Parameters Viper Series
Machine Speed, Sweeps/Minute Up to 10
Maximum Load Height 110" (2790 mm)
Maximum Load Weight Up to 4000 lbs (1810 kg)
Standard Pallet Size 44" x 56" (1120 mm x 1420 mm)
OPTIONAL - Pallet Width Range 40" - 50" (1000 mm - 1143 mm)
OPTIONAL - Pallet Length Range 48" - 56" (1220 mm - 1420 mm)
Standard TOC 13" (330 mm)
Minimum Pallet Conveyor TOC 13" (330 mm)
Standard Tin Line (TL) 165" (4191 mm)
Minimum Tin Line (TL) 156" (3962 mm)
Electrical Power 460V / 3 Phase / 60Hz
Control Voltage 24 VDC
Compressed Air Volume 15 cfm (7 l/min)
Compressed Air Pressure 80 psi (550 kPa)
Compressed Air Inlet 3/4" NPT