Xodus Low Level Bulk Depalletizer

Maximize your manufacturing output productivity with the Xodus Low Level Bulk Depalletizer.

The Xodus Low Level Bulk Depalletizer from Priority One, a division of Busse/SJI, is a high efficiency system designed to remove layers of containers from a pallet and transport the containers to an accumulation table or infeed conveyor. The system can operate automatically with options to remove tier sheets, picture frames, inverted trays and pallets.

The Xodus operates on-demand, performing all functions simultaneously, resulting in output speeds of up to 4 layers per minute including pallet change. Minimal operator attention is required and changeovers for different size containers can be made in five minutes by a single operator.

The unique design and workflow easily adapts to variations between layers and pallet loads. Photo eyes a proximity sensors monitor load level and load height, providing the system flexibility to operate effectively even when pallet loads are not completely perpendicular. Minimal pallet load movement takes place during product transfer.

Quality, heavy-duty construction provides smooth, vibration-free operation. Lift and carriage motors are driven through variable frequency AC controllers, and the unique design of transfer mechanisms reduces electro-mechanical wear.

The design and manufacturing standards employed by Busse/SJI enable this system to deliver years of low maintenance, trouble-free performance, while providing the flexibility to adapt to changing load configuration demands.

Continuous Operation for Maximum Productivity - All individual operations from product capture, sweeping, product discharge, etc. operate simultaneously, this significantly reduces idle time, maximizing depalletizer efficiency.

The automatic cycling features are interrupted when material flow is disrupted or a downstream problem occurs. The system automatically restarts when the disturbance has been corrected. In this regard the Xodus Low Level Bulk Depalletizer is truly an on-demand system, automatically compensating for any interruption in supply or discharge availability.


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Picture of Priority One Xodus Low Level Bulk Depalletizer
Picture of Priority One Xodus Low Level Bulk Depalletizer

Disclaimer: these videos are for general illustration of functionality only, options and model standards may change at any time.

Xodus™ Low Level Bulk Depalletizer Video
Xodus™ Low Level Bulk Depalletizer Animation